El Tilo – Cornicabra 500ml Other

The cornicabra olive variety is one of the most traditional and representative of Spain. However, it is one of the least known Spanish cultivars. The cornicabra is the most widespread cultivar in central and western Spain, from where it originated. The tree is resistant to cold and drought, and adapts very well to poor and limestone soils. Its fruit, of medium size, is asymmetric, elongated and has a very characteristic horn-shaped form, from which its name is derived (goat horn).
The chemical composition of cornicabra EVOOs is characterized by a very high content of oleic acid (monounsaturated fatty acid of high nutritional value) and polyphenols (natural antioxidants). Among them oleocanthal stands out due to its great anti-inflammatory power (similar to ibuprofen).
All this provides to cornicabra oils superior healthy attributes, high thermal stability and high resistance to oxidation, which translates into a long shelf life.

Tasting notes, 2019/20 harvest season

El Tilo cornicabra oil is characterized by a green-fruity aroma of medium high intensity, with notes of olive leaf and almonds, and some hints of apple. The flavor is sweet at the start, with well balance sensations of pleasant bitterness and pungency of medium intensity, and green almonds aftertaste. The extra virgin quality of our oils makes them ideal for raw consumption, vinaigrette, maceration with aromatic herbs, garlic and as well as for daily cooking use.

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