Year Established: 2016
VAT Number: EL800735610
Legal form: LTD
Location: Athens, Greece
Main Products: Snacks


The Rawyal diet is based on the consumption of only the finest, plant-based, organic and raw materials. Superfoods of pure and enjoyable that would be chosen by gods for the creation of their own ambrosia. The choice of vegetarian raw food is the most ideal and capable of leading to unprecedented taste experiences and satisfying even the most demanding. After all, it is not only the healthiest but also the purest orgasmic pleasure.The main gifts offered by systematic exercise are health, well-being and longevity. Rawyal lifestyle therefore relies on daily exercise not only for the benefits you will notice in your body but to improve both your quality and your lifespan. We refer to the disappearance of stress, the increased levels of energy and vitality, the improvement of the muscular and cardioresapneic system and the incredible euphoria we experience. Choose which form of exercise suits you and you will be rewarded with shiny Rawyal days.When the body is clean and energetic then it can accommodate a strong mind and an enlightened spirit. The Rawyal way of life is based in addition to the food and maintenance of the body and that of the mind of course. The information we capture and process, the active meaning we give them and the way they reach our senses is the food of our minds. Our goal is the continuous cultivation of our minds and the improvement of our perception. Stimulate your mind and know where science meets art.. “Mind and mind hears.” What you’re thinking, that’s what you’re becoming. Buddha, 563-483 BC