Liepouris Winery

  • 65 years of history, since it was founded in 1952

  • Vineyards stretch to an area of ​​180, privately owned, acres

  • Vineyards are mainly linear

  • Low yield per hectare of 300-400 kg per acre

Business Type: Third Generation Family Business
Year Established: 2014
Location: Keratea, Attica, Greece
Main Products: Wine
Top Markets: Germany, United Kingdom, China

Liepouris Winery already counts 65 years of history, since it was founded in 1952 by the grandfather Dimitrios Liepouris. It is a family business of three generations, which continues its course until today. Dimitrios Liepouris, the grandson, is now in charge of the business.
Liepouris Winery has adopted a modern way of producing wine. The traditional cranberry and wine press have given their place to modern machines. Primarily, stainless steel tanks are used and new wine making methods are applied. There are also some wooden barrels, in which the traditional retsina, our national product, matures.
Respecting the principles and secrets of tradition and following modern vinification methods, we always try to offer tasty wines of exceptional quality. THE VINEYARDS

The history of the Attic vineyard has its roots deep in antiquity. According to mythology, God Dionysus visited Attica and entrusted its inhabitants with the secrets of the cultivation of the vine. Nowadays, the inhabitants of Mesogeia continue the viticulture by making their own modern history. The arable land in Mesogia reaches about 65,000 acres.
Our vineyards are mainly located in the area of Keratea, but also in the wider area of Lavreotiki. The geographical location of the city, which is situated at the foot of Mount Paneo at an altitude of 190 meters, and its proximity to the surrounding coasts, make it one of the most favourable areas for vineyard cultivation. The two main factors of the survival of the vineyards , are the quality of the arable land and the climate of Attica. In particular, the mild features of the seasons of the year, combined with marine gas masses, form an excellent environment for grape growing and sustainability.
Our vineyards stretch to an area of 180, privately owned, acres. They are mainly linear and have a low yield per hectare of 300-400 kg per acre. The dominant variety is the Savatiano grape, followed by Mandilaria, Agiorgitiko, Moschat of Amburgh and Malagousia.