Artemision S.A.

Year Established 2007
Brand(s) Artemision
Company Description Our walnut farm is cultivated organically. All nutrients and diseases are treated organically. Walnut trees do not like humidity and heat. They like to be dry, cold and well-aired and we are blessed that we get a northerly wind coming from the direction of Mt Olympus.
The walnut flowers in May and cross-pollination starts almost immediately, producing the small walnuts from June onwards. The walnut harvest is in late October/early November and there are three harvests.
The trees are shaken by hand and some rods are occasionally used to move the tall branches. Huge sheets are spread out between the rows and the walnuts are collected there. They are moved by tractor straight to the drying beds.
Although everywhere else the walnuts at this stage are dried either indoors or in a controlled oven, we are extremely fortunate to be able to let them dry out in the sunshine and with a gentle breeze. This improves the taste of the walnuts and adds to their organic nature. We believe this enhances their natural flavor and extends their life. We have noticed that the walnuts produced from the trees nearer the sea are slightly smaller in size, and slightly saltier. This is due to a poorer soil and the proximity of the sea.
Depending on the weather we dry them out on the beds for between ten days and two weeks. Then they go through a selector that sorts them by size. The larger ones are sold in the shell. The smaller ones are crushed and the walnut is extracted by hand. The walnuts are sold in three grades according to universal standards.
The farm is certified organic by TUV Austria, and it is inspected regularly and without warning. The management and quality standards are ISO-certified* and the production line is HACCP-certified
Certificates ISO22000:2005, HACCP